Fashion Designer, born in the city of Lima. From an early age, geometric shapes and architecture fascinated him. At 27 years old, he ventures in fashion, creating the brand: ADONIS MODA.

This brand has an avant-garde and eclectic style. The designer’s perfectionism and curiosity make the brand always aware of the latest trends, without neglecting every detail and balance of the shapes of the garments.

He has participated in various fashion events such as:

Ecuador Moda 2011

Colombia Moda 2012

Peru Moda 2013

He was invited to PRET-A-PORTER of Paris, being one of the young with great vision about male fashion in Latin America

"In life you have to have balance and be persistent, never forget your dreams, we all have the same opportunities, you just have to make the best of it, without forgetting to live" - Christian Vera.